Western Son Craft Vodka
10X Distilled Vodka, American Made, Award-Winning, Crafted in Small Batches, Gluten-Free

Western Son Vodka is small batch American craft vodka at its finest. The path to our Award-Winning vodka is paved from 100% American corn and the fiercely independent spirit of the West.


Western Son Sunset Seeker Tour logo

Western Son Vodka is about more than simply what comes in our bottle; it’s a celebration of the adventurous spirit of the Western Mindset. We connect with independent thinkers and trailblazers alike, always searching for what’s around the next bend.

To capture that spirit we are setting out on the Western Son Seeker Tour, an adventure that will take you on the road with us in search of people and places we connect with along the way. We hope to share their stories as well as the most beautiful sunsets we can find.

Here’s to the road ahead.


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