Our corn is a mixture of Midwest and Texas yellow corn and is naturally gluten-free. Once the corn is milled it is added to reverse osmosis water from the city of Pilot Point’s local aquifer and cooked to 185 °F so the sugars and starch cook out.



The hot mash is transfered to the fermentation vessels, which are designed to stay at 75 °F. The yeast runs around and eats up all the sugars and starches to produce three by-products: heat, carbon dioxide, and alcohol.



The first distillation occurs in our copper pot still at 190 °F, awaiting on the alcohol to be cooked out of the mash. We give our spent grains to a number of local farmers.



Our 20 ft. vodka column still contains 13 perforated copper plates, which is responsible for giving our vodka smooth 10X Distilled quality.


Western Son Distillery produces Western Son Vodka in Pilot Point, Texas


Western Son Vodka was created by a small group of guys who were burned out on corporate environments and ready to carve out their own path. Their vision was put into motion and the dream of Western Son Vodka was launched in 2011. Western Son Distillery current resides in Pilot Point, Texas in a 30,000 square foot building that was formerly The Old Panty Factory.



Western Son Vodka Supports The Peter Burks Unsung Hero Fund

We donate a portion of the profits from each bottle of Western Son to the Peter Burks Unsung Hero Fund. This non-profit organization is dedicated to collecting and delivering care packages to deployed military.  

The fund is managed by Alan Burks, Pete’s dad, and Missy Haddad, his fiancée. There are no administrative expenses or salaries paid. Every dollar goes directly to sending care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (including warriors on the battlefield, nurses, and chaplains) as well as humanitarian supplies for use in building connections with local citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since December of 2007, they have sent more than 13 tons of supplies to soldiers throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.