Peter Burks Unsung Hero Fund

The fund is managed by Alan Burks, Pete’s dad, and Missy Haddad, his fiancée. There are no administrative expenses or salaries paid. Every dollar spent from the fund goes directly to the following actions:

Sending care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This includes warriors on the battlefield, as well as those who support them like nurses and chaplains.

Providing humanitarian supplies for use in building connections with local citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan. School supplies. Soccer balls. Clothing. Anything that can help to close the gap of understanding between their young people and us.

An outfit dedicated to carrying on the legacy of 2LT Peter Burks. Since starting in December of 2007, they have sent more than eleven tons of supplies to soldiers throughout Iraq and Afghanistan.

My job is to get my men home safely
— 2LT Peter Burks